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"In a past life, I was just a clerk. I wanted to change my life for the better, to achieve more. I bought expensive equipment, I was going to start my own business. Bypassing taxes, I did everything through a non-existent phantom person, which I now became.

Just like everyone else, I tried to make a living. But at one moment everything changed. The corporation in which I worked wanted to use me. Its business was at odds with my worldview, and I decided to launch an investigation. But in the end it turned out very bad for me.

For them, I was nobody, cannon fodder, and they decided to put me in charge. The house was doused with gasoline and set on fire, and I was left bound inside. Somehow I survived, although most of my body was burned. Now, when my past is gone, I’m hiding under the mask of a deer - the symbol of the victim.

I traded my usual life to get a chance for revenge. Now I intend to destroy all those who hurt me and the whole society."

Memento Mori - a strategy in which you take on the role of an unknown hacker who survived the assassination attempt. Choose which way you want to develop the story; remember that everything has its consequences. Make your destinies and think twice before trusting someone.